Thursday, October 31, 2013

Healing with Crystal Pyramids is Amazing

Today has been a wonderful day.  I was so excited this morning when I received my set of Crystal Pyramid Chakra Healing Stones today in the mail.

The crystals are beautiful and very powerful as I found this afternoon after they arrived.  Upon arrival I removed them from the box and placed them above my altar in front of my Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp to charge and smudged them as well to clear the energy and cleanse the stones.  Within a few minutes of being placed there the rich colors of the crystals began to glow and I could feel this surge of energy flowing from them.  

I left them sitting there in front of the Salt Lamp for a couple of hours and couldn't resist working with them. Tim volunteered to be my guinea pig and using an additional Amethyst generator crystal with the point touching the top of the crown I began placing the crystals on the corresponding chakras from the crown all the way to the root.  I then, using an amethyst pendulum in my right hand and placing my left or power hand facing the top of the crown from behind the amethyst generator, began to focus Reiki energy and worked my way using the pendulum from one chakra to the next.  This motion charged and balanced the chakras very well as attested by Tim who said he could feel the energy pulsing and flowing around his body.  

He even had an out of body feeling he stated during the session.  It was quite impressive.  

When I finished his session it took him a few moments to regain his composure and sit up on the massage table.  He told me during the session he experienced all sorts of things including visions of being inside a crystal cave staring into an intense pinkish/white light that seemed to envelope his body and made him feel very calm and relaxed.  He also said that when he finally came back he felt like he actually felt like he had been sleeping and felt wide awake and refreshed.

To top that off when he finally was able to get up and dressed he turned the tables and gave me a treatment as well.  It was amazing!  I have never experienced anything like it before.  I too experienced many visions including the crystal cave vision which he had experienced but unlike him I experienced a being come out of the light and attempt to communicate with me telepathically.  The whole experience was something I will never forget.

Many people don't think of crystals as a viable source for healing and rejuvenation but I can attest to the fact from my own experience that crystals, especially these Pyramid Healing Crystals can have a tremendous effect on the physical and spiritual body.  After today I will never again doubt their use in any way, and I can't wait to help other people to experience this same transformative healing modality.